Toolbar Help


How do Install the toolbar?

Installing the toolbar is very easy. Simply download the toolbar from our website by right clicking on the link and selecting ‘Save Target as’ from the resulting menu. Make sure to remember the location that you download installer program to.

Once the installer program has finished downloading you will need to go to the directory in which the installer program was downloaded to and execute the program.

The installer program will automatically install the program on your computer.


What functions are available in the toolbar?

The toolbar addes several useful shortcuts to your browser which will help to speed up your browsing experience.Shortcuts include:

The homepage button takes you to the home page of this site. if you are logged in it takes you to region_main.php where you can view the latest profiles.

The star icon takes you to a page listing the newest site members to have joined the system.

The ‘Search’ button takes you to the search page.

Displays a list of profiles that are currently logged on to the system.
Takes you to your mailbox.
Takes you to your buddy list.
Enables you to search for users on the system.


How do I remove the toolbar from my computer?

Click on the ‘Start’ button from the task bar.
From the start menu, click on ‘Control Panel’
Once the control panel has popped up, double click on the Add or Remove Programs icon.
Once in the Add or remove Programs section, find the toolbar application and click on it once. This will highlight the selection.
With the selection highlighted, click on the change/remove button. This will run the programs un-install program. Simply follow the uninstall program to complete the un-installation.