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Fall in love with Steffi, 26, from Berlin this week. She lived abroad for a long time and now feels really at home in Berlin. In this episode she tells what she learned about Pegida as a social scientist after her time abroad and why she is politically active. Incidentally, you can of course also find out what the best date would be for you and which country really shaped you .

Fall in love with Frederik Funke from Berlin today. Frederik is an actor in advertising and film, loves to laugh and enjoys the good life to the full. Now all that’s missing is a humorous, exciting woman who will bring him out of his 6-year-old single existence and show him that opening up emotionally can be really nice.

Please register (hidden) if you want to get to know Frederik. And write to me at (hidden) for feedback or inquiries 🙂

Fall in love with Lilli, 26, from Berlin this week. She is creative, likes to party through Berlin’s nightlife, lives in platonic partnership with her local girl gang and is looking for a decent, creative man from Berlin who likes to send her memes and often. When in doubt, she always tends to say: “Send memes” instead of “Send nudes”.

If you would like to get to know Lilli, just write to (hidden) And if you would like to be part of Best Dating yourself, please write to me at chatsteps

This week we fall in love with Dustin from Rostock, who lives in Berlin. He works for the German Armed Forces and has therefore already lost one or the other love on missions abroad. But still believes in the big thing and also dances city ballet with his best friend Flo.

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